Privacy policy


The Asociación Industrial de Imagen, Color y Óptica with Spanish fiscal ID number, CIF G-46578027 (hereinafter AIDO) regulates the general use of the website (hereinafter Website) that AIDO provides the users, through which information is provided on the companys´ and or third parties´ activities, products and services, and to facilitate access to it along with the contracting of activities and/or services through it, (all of which is denominated “Services”).

AIDO has its registered offices at C/Nicolás Copérnico, 7-13, Parque Tecnológico, 46980 in Paterna (Valencia) and is owner of the website which is regulated by this privacy policy. To contact AIDO, use the previously mentioned address, or at, or by calling 96 131 80 51.

Due to the Website’s characteristics, the browsing it permits as public user, or private user with limited access, is provided in accordance with its regulations. Therefore, both suppositions suppose an accordance with the conditions established in the Privacy Policy AIDO reserves the right to, at any moment, modify the website and conditions established in this Privacy Policy. Therefore, AIDO recommends that its visitors clearly read this every time they access the Website.


Access to the website’s activities and services requires previous user registration after having accepted the established conditions in the privacy policy.

The registered user identifier is his/her email and password. In order to access the user account, the identifier is required, along with the password which must contain at least 4 characters.

The use of the password is personal and non-transferable, without allowing for its surrender, even temporarily, to third parties. So the user commits to using it diligently and maintaining it private, assuming complete responsibility for any consequences resulting from providing it to third parties.

In the case that the user knows or suspects third party use of his/her password, s/he must change it immediately in the way mentioned on the website.


The User must use the activities and services diligently, properly and legally, and specifically, as merely informative and not exclusively, abstain from:

(a) Using the Services in ways against the law, general morality, customs and public order .

(b) Reproducing or copying, distributing, allowing public access through any public communication medium, transforming or modifying the Services, unless authorised by the owner of the corresponding rights or if legally permitted.

(c) Carry out any act that may make any of the intellectual or industrial property rights of AIDO or third parties vulnerable.

(d) Use the services and, in particular, the information obtained through our Web Site to send publicity or communications focused on selling or any other commercial purpose or sending unwanted messages directed to several people independently of the aim, along with selling or disseminating any other type of information.

The user is responsible to any damage or harm of any type that AIDO may suffer by a consequence of the non-fulfilment of any of the previously stated obligations along with any other included in the Law on Website usage.

AIDO will always respect the current legal regulation and is legitimised to interrupt, at their complete discretion, the Service or exclude the website User in the case of committing, fully or partially, any crimes or offences as stated in the current Penal Code, or if having observed any behaviour AIDO considers against its privacy policy used in operating this Website, the Law or any other standards established by AIDO or its collaborators, or that may disturb the proper operation, image, credibility and/or prestige of AIDO and/or its collaborators.


All text, content, logos, images, source code and software are property of AIDO or third parties, whose rights are that of AIDO, and are thus protected by national and International legislation.

The use of elements under industrial or intellectual property for commercial aims or distribution, change, alteration or decompilation is strictly prohibited.

The infringement of any of the aforementioned rights may constitute a violation of the present orders, along with an offence punishable in accordance to the articles 270 and on of the Legal Code.


AIDO reserves the right to reject or withdraw access to the Website and/or any of its services provided on it at any time and without prior notice, whether for technical, security, control, maintenance an electric outage or any other justified reason.

As a result, AIDO does not guarantee the reliability, availability nor continuity of its Website or Services, thus its use on behalf of the members is carried out at their own risk, without there being an responsibility on behalf of AIDO with this regards.

AIDO will not be responsible in the case of Service interruptions, delays, errors, bad performance and any other inconveniences in general that are due to reasons out of AIDO´s control and/or due to the user’s fraudulent or negligent action and/or from chance or force majeure. Without detriment to that established in article 1105 of the Civil Code, the concept of force majeure also includes, and regarding the privacy policy, all events occurring out of AIDO´s control, such as: The failure on behalf of third parties, operators or service companies, Governmental acts, no access to third party networks, acts or omissions from Public Authorities, or those produced as a result of natural phenomena, outages, etc. and attacks from hackers or third parties specialising in security or computer systems, always when AIDO has adopted the reasonable safety measures in accordance with the technical status. For whatever the reason, AIDO will not assume responsibility for direct or indirect damage, damage occurred and/or lost profits.

Furthermore, AIDO is not responsible for any damage and harm of any type resulted from a virus or the presence of other harmful elements in the content that may produce alterations in the computer systems or in the documents or systems stored in them.

AIDO is not responsible for the use a user makes of the Website’s services nor its passwords, or any other of its contents that infringe on the intellectual or industrial property rights or other third party rights.

The user is obligated to keep AIDO unharmed for any damage, harm, sanction, expense (including, but not exclusively, lawyer fees) or civil, administrative or any other responsibility that AIDO may suffer from relative to the non-fulfilment or partial or defective fulfilment of that established in its privacy policy or in the applicable legislation, and especially relative to that in the present conditions or that established in Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 from 13 December on Personal Data Protection and Royal Decree 1720/2007 which approves the development and development standards law.


AIDO does not guarantee or assumes any responsibility for the damage or harm suffered from access to third party Services through connections or links neither to sites nor of their accuracy or reliability . The purpose of the links appearing in AIDO is exclusively to inform the user of the existence of other sources of information on the Internet where the Services offered on the site may be expanded upon. AIDO is in no case responsible for the results obtained through these links or the consequences resulting from members accessing them. These third party services are provided by them, thus AIDO may not control or will control the lawfulness or quality of the Services. Thus, the user must be extremely prudent in valuing and using the information and services on the third party content.


Any legal matter or that of interpretation that could be posed will be applicable to Spanish law and in the case of a controversy, both parties agree to submit themselves to the Courts and Tribunes of Valencia, Spain, explicitly renouncing any other court that may correspond to them.