Inanotool was presented in the 45th edition of the Portuguese Trade Show – Modtissimo

CeNTI took this unique opportunity to disseminate i-Nanotool project between the companies visiting this Trade Show.

CeNTI attended the 45th edition of the Portuguese Trade Show – Modtissimo – integrated in the 5th edition of the Porto Fashion Week. Held at Edifício da Alfândega do Porto last February 25 and 26, this unique Exhibition of Fabrics and Accessories, Portuguese Garment Makers, Textiles for Tomorrow and Portuguese Tanneries, marks the start of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of ATP - Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal, the 5th edition of iTechStyle Innovation Business Forum and the Porto Fashion Show, with five designer’s schools from five European countries plus Portugal.

Integrated in the Porto Fashion Week, the unique Portuguese professional show of the sector anticipates the presence of about 300 exhibitors of yarn, fabrics, accessories, apparel and home textiles, with a complete offer for the entire rank that promises to attract a new record of visitors including international, with the organization to assure the presence of more than 200 foreign buyers.

Also in its 5th edition, the iTechStyle Innovation Business Forum highlighted the most innovative products and projects in the Technical and Innovative Textiles Forum, Showcase of Products and Showcase of Projects, including the presentation of several projects: NanoSmart - Textile Structures with Nanocoatings; Softsleep - Smart linen capable of autonomous thermal management; ISPO Textrends; Permac - Personal microclimate active control; Sizing Sudoe; and the Retexmed - reusable textiles to fight against nosocomial infections.

IED Madrid, Atelier Chardon Savard, Esmod Berlin, Accademia Koefia and Falmouth University joint Modatex (Portugal) in the young designers contest Porto Fashion Show, to gain the recognition of an international jury and a final prize of 5.000 euros for the winner

Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2015