Composites/ Nano Engineering ICCE-22

The ICCE is among the first composite materials conferences which take a leading vital role to bridge the gap between nano-chemistry and nano-engineering, and attracted hundreds of papers in this existing relatively new field of nano-composites engineering.ds in our efforts to promote interdisciplinary research on composites.

The goals of the ICCE conference are:

1- The conference aims to solve or partially SOLVE CRITICAL UNRESOLVED ISSUES of our everyday lives.  The methodologies involve the three pillars in Composites or Nano engineering, namely, Mechanics, Manufacturing and Materials, in all length-scales.   

2- The ICCE emphasizes the "D.I.M.” approaches to science and engineering (DURABILITY approach to structures, INTERDISCIPLINARY  approach to science, and MULTIFUNCTIONAL approach to  materials).  Thus, you will find many chemists and engineers in this conference, a pleasant situation since these two groups  traditionally tend to attend separate conferences.   The ICCE conference aims to bridge the gaps between aerospace technology, bio-materials, chemistry, electronics, energy, fluid mechanics, infrastructures, magnetic materials, metallurgy, nanotechnology, pharmacy, physics, powder metallurgy, sensors/actuators, among others.

3- The goal is to ENCOURAGE LEVERAGING of composite materials research resources through joint research between participants and writing joint research proposals.

ICCE Conference