Nanofair 2014

Under the slogan "New Ideas for Industry" Nanofair 2014 as an international conference will present once again a vital platform for the exchange of ideas and the generation of initiatives between science and industry. The main focus of the conference will be on nanotechnology in the fields of materials and surfaces, energy, electronics, life sciences as well as optics.

Nanofair 2014 - 10th International Nanotechnology SymposiumConference / Exhibition  
Nanofair 2014 will provide a forum for presenting current research and for the exchange of ideas and information between researchers, scientists and engineers from industry, research laboratories and academia. Contributions will cover fundamental scientific aspects as well as application oriented research and development. Furthermore successful implementations of new products using nanotechnology will be addressed as well.

Special emphasis will be given to all kinds of material aspects.Therefore, Nanofair 2014 will focus on the following topics:

- functional nanocomposites- nanostructured surfaces
- nanomaterials for life sciences- nanomaterials for energy applications
- nanoelectronics & photonics
- processing aspects of nanomaterials
- nanoanalytical methods- carbon nanotubes & graphene