International Conference on Structural Nano Composites (NANOSTRUC 2014)

The purpose of The 2nd International Conference on Structural Nano Composites (NANOSTRUC 2014) is to promote activities in various areas of materials and structures by providing a forum for exchange of ideas, presentation of technical achievements and discussion of future directions. NANOSTRUC brings together an international community of experts to discuss the state-of-the-art, new research results, perspectives of future developments, and innovative applications relevant to structural materials, engineering structures, nanocomposites, modelling and simulations, and their related application areas.

Conference Scope:

- Engineering Material
- Biocomposites
- Self-healing materials
- Graphene and Carbon-based Nanocomposites
-  Layered silicates and Silicon-based Nanocomposites
- Metallic Nanocomposites
- Nano-CoatingsNano-Pigments
- Structural-property relationship
- Biomaterials and Biomedical devices
- Safety of Nanomaterials and Consumer Products
- Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)  
- Life Cycle Costs Analysis (LCC) driven approached
- Application of Nanomaterials and Nanocomposites
- Water applications
- Impact, Ballistic and Energy Absorption of Polymer Nanocomposites
- Fracture mechanics of nanocomposites
- Multiscale Modelling and Simulations (nano-micro-meso-macro)

Special sessions

1.  Nanocomposites for high temperature applications     Kanda  Balasubramanian - Defense Institute of Advanced Technology, India 
2.  Water applications     Ajay Mishra  - University of Johannesburg, South Africa  
3.  Biocomposites and nanofibres     Susheel Kalia - University of Bologna, Italy 
4.  Nanopigments/Colorants     Veronica Marchante - Cranfield University, UK 
5.  Safety of nanomaterials throughout their life cycle     Maria Blazquez - Inkoa, Spain     Huijun Zhu - Cranfield University, UK 
6.  Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Constructive Technology Assessment (CTA) for Nano-Enabled Technologies        Marcel Weil - ITAS/KIT,HIU/KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany     Claudia Som - ERAM/EMPA, Switzerland